About Me

I’m Rosalinde, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no pictures of just myself!  This is perfectly fine by me – my about page should probably at least include my birth children because they are all about me.  I have been separated from their father since they were 2 and 4 years old.  Raising them was all about me.  I did it all.  I’ve been through the Halloweens, Christmas’s, tooth fairies, Easter Bunnies, school field trips, awards … the list goes on .. right into their teenage years.  It’s all about me.  Then I meet John – who has two boys – their ages are in between the girls so you KNOW there’s a story or two there!

Me And My Girls

Me And My Girls

I created this website because raising them on my own was SO hard!  It’s still a crazy time in their lives – Alyssa is living in a different city now – 5 hours away – and Ashley recently graduated high school.  So, not only was I faced with the end of their school years … now I’m going to have to eventually adjust to the empty nest.  I am NOT looking forward to this nor am I prepared.  I’m here, online, because I KNOW there are times in a teenage life where you don’t know what to do, what to say, and where to turn … drugs, sex, school, driving, bullying … the constant worrying about these things never end and if you think you have a child who will never have to deal with any of that – you’re living in a bubble.  MY kids were never going to do drugs .. haha … stay tuned … it’s a myth … it’s all a myth.



Join the club … the website .. the discussion .. I’m not proclaiming to have all the answers – I barely have any – but I’m certainly here to bounce ideas off one another.  Besides, I would just like someone to tell me I’m doing okay … I think I am.


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