Wedding 2015

Well, I’m not even sure how often I’ll be posting – I think it might be a good idea to get a planner or calendar and make some kind of schedule – I have lots to say and I need to figure out how often I should talk.  Haha

I know I just posted but there is just one post I am thrilled to death to write about – my wedding … in Jamaica!

I met John back in 2008 on – true story – I felt he wasn’t quite ready yet so we just talked once in awhile online .. he was still figuring his shit out … mine was already figured.  I had been single for almost 2 years and I felt I was ready.  We made arrangements to meet during the Action Week fireworks 2008 … but somehow we missed each other that night … so the following weekend he’d pick me up and we’d go watch the races at Island Speedway – what a fun date actually.  I met his sister and all kinds of great people.  So this is where our race dates continue.

Our first picture together.

The rest, as they say, is history.

We were both divorced and vowed never to marry again … then one day he said to me, “I’d only get married again if we were in Jamaica” … oh he’d eat those words for sure!

I asked him one day, “So, what do you think about going to Jamaica?” … I don’t think he really grasped what I was saying/thinking … but he jumped at the chance … so the plans started and then it turned into a honeymoon when he asked me if we’re getting married down there.  He knew. So he officially asked me … and the rest I’ll show you in pictures … because words just can’t describe how perfect this was!

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