RozPlus4 Resurrected

Well, here I am … back once again … I’m not even sure where to begin – just to let you all know that this wasn’t where I ended with my rozplus4 blog – not at all … I took the plunge and got myself a dotcom – but, unfortunately, when you cancel your subscription and your domain, all your writings go away.  I’m heart broken … I think I had upwards of about 40 posts after the previous one here.  Sigh …

So I guess I can just continue here – the dotcom costs money and right now, it’s not really in our budget – yes, $1.99 a month sounds great, but they want it all up front for 3 years – so free is where I’ll be for now.

My last post was 2 years ago … wow … well my last ‘free’ post was 2 years ago.  I’m pretty sure my last post in my dotcom site was probably into 2015.  Do you even realize how much of life passes you by in that little bit of time??

I stopped writing when depression hit me … I’m still not quite certain whether it was because of my job or the fact that I was a new empty nester.  When I told my doctor I was empty nesting he reached for his pen/prescription pad so I guess a lot of people might suffer from depression when they hit the empty nest stage of their lives.

Alyssa was living in Halifax and Ashley moved to Ontario.  Yes, we had Taylor, but it’s different when it’s my own children.  I missed them … and my job was sucking the life out of me.  It was dull and provided me NO stimulation at all – I was bored.  I tried finding other things to do – knitting, reading, I even joined Scentsy – just to try to combat my depression.

I thought of even changing the name of my blog from rozplus4 to rozminus4 … but it just doesn’t sound the same.  And what four you ask – Alyssa, Ashley, Taylor and Cody – I had a hand in raising them all at one point or another.

Then … Alyssa moved back home in Sept 2015 and Ashley came home December 2015 … life got busy again … I had 3 living here once again … life is good …

DSCF2013                     DSCF2004









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