Is It My Fault She Wants to Travel to Australia/New Zealand?

(sorry, I’m not doing a ‘throw back Thursday’ today, I have other things on my mind).

OMG, what have I done??  So, I was texting Alyssa last night – who lives in Halifax (@5 hrs away) – and she informs me she’s going to live in Australia!  I’m like, “huh?? Oh no you’re not!”.  Can I really tell an almost 21 yr old she can’t do something??  I’d like to think I can …

What I was really thinking was, “wow, I’m going to lose my child” and then she comes back with, “You were the one who said I need to be alone and to travel alone so here I go” – let’s clarify something – I suggested she be “alone” as in SINGLE and not to be worrying about relationships and men .. and if I had the chance, I would have traveled more as a young adult … and, unless I’m losing my memory already, I do NOT remember telling her to travel alone.  She did make a few things clear that I was mistaken about – when she first told me about her plan, I was literally sick to my stomach thinking she was moving down there … and then she told me, “mom, I told you a year” .. so she wants to go to Australia for 6 months and then New Zealand for 6 months.  Could this night get any worse??  Yes, she plans on doing it alone!  She’s looking for travel groups and stuff so I’m crossing my fingers she has this COMPLETELY planned out so I’m not up here throwing up …

I have a friend in Australia so I immediately get in touch with her to tell her the news and she says there are all kinds of young adults down there back packing … it still doesn’t take the worry away … but I’m hoping she hooks up with Lisa in Facebook and at least makes a connection that I know.



What worries me is young females go missing when they do stuff like this … and for someone like Alyssa, she gets lonely quite easily and I will have no way to come visit her.  Have you ever priced tickets from Canada to Australia??  So I tagged her in a FB video of Bermuda because I have a high school friend who lives there … she’s not interested in Bermuda … but IS interested in Costa Rica – which I AM quite supportive of because this is where I could see me visiting.  John wants to retire there and it seems like a nice relaxed place to do just that.  And it’s closer than Australia!

I think I’m also scared I’ll never see grandbabies and aside from the fact I’m not looking forward to the empty nest, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to becoming a grandmother .. but that’s a whole other post ..

Well, I did tell her to follow her dreams .. and I did encourage her to take Travel and Tourism Diploma (for which she graduates in two weeks!) .. and I did encourage her to travel … I guess she was more passionate about it then I thought …


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