You Shouldn’t Wear Flip-Flops to Drive – here’s why

What a day … I was getting ready to leave for work today when Ashley walked in the door with her girlfriend, Destiny.  She was as white as a ghost.  Out of her mouth comes, “Mom, I rear-ended this guy!”.  Destiny’s head hit the windshield and cracked it. The next thing out of Ashley’s mouth was, “and no, we’re not stoned or high, ma, before you ask!” – unfortunately, she read my mind – they didn’t look stoned nor could I smell it. She said her foot slipped off the brake and hit the gas causing her to jolt into the back end of a truck.  She was wearing flip-flops.  And, although Destiny was wearing a seat belt, she had it held loosely from her body so as not to choke her – she’s only a tiny little thing.

They didn’t seem hurt or anything so I ran outside to check the car – a HUGE crack on the window.  It also jolted the exhaust system and now it’s really loud.  We just finished having it inspected for the next two years.  There was a little scratch on the bumper so I’m thinking there wasn’t anything done to the other guy.  I was wrong. They had exchanged information and he called the house.  I was at work so Ashley called me and I called him back – she was a little scared about it all – the guy was really nice about it, more concerned with the kids.  He said he’d get a quote to see what it would cost to fix his bumper … I’m not even sure if it was damaged much since there wasn’t really a mark on Ashley’s car.

Cracked Windshield

Cracked Windshield

So I was at work and I messaged her because I was worried.  Told her I loved her and not to worry, cars can be fixed, that’s what insurance is for … she told me they sent her home from work because her shoulder was sore … she must have gotten quite the jolt, but she said her seat belt hurt her – I told her it’s a good thing she had it on or it could have been worse.  I’m not sure how this is going to effect her feelings on driving in the future… I hope it’ll teach her to be more cautious, but not overly … if she drives at all.



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