Don’t Mothers of Teenagers Blog??

So I have been writing this blog for almost 2 years now – okay, so I took a little bit of a break, then I started working for this company online where I did SEO backlinking – that’s where I do my best to get their website out there to be viewed and I was helping HIM make money.  I have literally seen thousands of blogs!  I know how to find blogrolls, blogs related to your content, etc … but for the life of me, I can’t seem to find more than a handful of blogs from mothers who are raising teenagers.

I did read somewhere that maybe you’re too afraid of embarrassing your teen.  Is this true?  I figured the only way I could embarrass my teen is if I posted pictures they didn’t like of themselves … lol … I actually asked Ashley if she’d be okay if I created a blog and talked about my children.  She was okay with it – she knew what I wanted to talk about – and she’s not embarrassed.  Maybe she’s hoping I’ll hear that I’m doing a pretty good job.  My biggest concern and a conversation I plan on getting into in a much more in depth blog post is going to be about smoking weed .. she does dope and I don’t like it … not for a second .. I don’t care how “safe” she tries to tell me it is – I’m a ‘say no to drugs’ kind of person and I’ll never accept it, no matter how much she thinks it’s fine, it’s not.  Aside from pictures embarrassing them, I don’t have this connected to my personal facebook page because there are a few people I would rather not share this with, but if they find it … well I hope they enjoy it.

This is the time we SHOULD be talking!  There are some sensitive topics that need to be discussed – drugs, sexuality, drinking, driving, bullying, pregnancy, mental illness, suicide … we need to talk about these things … I’ve been through most of them (except the pregnancy thing – *knock on wood).  I thought there’s be lots of blogs about these things .. parents talking to parents .. but there aren’t.  And then people wonder why our teens go astray … we’re too quiet …

I have found oodles of blogs about kids under the age of 10 … all cute and full of great information .. but what about mothers who’s kids are older than that??  I’d like to find you … I’d like to talk to you … I think too often I question the way I parent my teens and I’m wondering if I’m doing it right.  Is there a right way??

I’m going to be an empty nester in a few years … where are you mothers who are getting ready to let your birds fly?  I’d like to find you .. I’d like to talk to you …


7 thoughts on “Don’t Mothers of Teenagers Blog??

  1. I’m here! I blog about raising teens pretty often. I have them in this order: 21, 18, 16, 14. In other words I am in the thick of it…lol.


  2. I totally agree Roz. I’ve been asked by different sites if I’m interested in parenting newsletters and such and always I get info about todders – elementary aged kids. I’m raising teens four here (my oldest is now 21 so she no longer counts). Sharing info on teens and parenting would be a lot more helpful. And we have been through the gamut too and you can add terrible teen relationship issues.

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  3. I thought the same thing! In fact, I got my idea for my book (Teenagers 101: What a top teacher wishes you knew about helping your kids succeed) because I couldn’t find a single person out there who had done it! It’s hard to believe, and I think some of it is parents not wanting to talk about their problems with their teens. I’m fortunate that I can talk about the patterns I’ve seen with thousands of teens without getting too personal about my own kids. Keep doing what you’re doing. Parents are craving this conversation.


    • Yes, and I really need to talk about it! I have an 18 year old who’s been through bullying, weed, anxiety, depression, sexuality, and about 5 different piercings … I’d like to think we are very close, and I try to help her the best way that I can without telling her what to do – because they’re going to do it anyway. I thought I’d never survive in one piece to see her graduate – so it was an extremely bitter sweet day for me .. and her .. she hated school. We had our fair share of crying. Hopefully college will be better – at least she’ll be around older students (she’s going to trades school). She’s actually very much looking forward to it.
      Thank you for reading.


  4. I have echoed your sentiments many times! There are so few Moms blogging about raising teens. I haven’t experienced the more serious stuff you mention, but the following sites do address those issues:
    Two of my favorite fellow blogging Moms raising teens are:
    I’ve been enjoying your posts as well, so keep writing! 🙂


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