Prom/Graduation 2012 – emotional week

Wow, what a week!  It has been very emotionally and physically exhausting.  I was hoping to come back to post on earlier in the week but time just got away from me.  I don’t normally post pictures in my blog because I guess I have this fear (some call it anxiety) that someone is going to get mad at me – but this week I’m just so freakin proud to be a mother I just have to.  I want to show people why I am so happy and content being a mother.  I want to show people why I am not going to fare very well facing the empty nest.  These are our children … and the reason I come here:

Grad Prom 2012 for Allison

Colton, Allison and Amy – Graduation 2012

There – see how awesome they are??  I’m sitting here for what should be my last night alone in bed.  John will return from his trip out west.  I can’t wait.  The kids and I did just fine, although I missed him like crazy and I’m a little bit upset he missed Allison in her gorgeous gown and missed the graduation.  In all honesty, I’m really not sure he would have done so well with all the running around part.  He works long hours and is so tired when he gets home.  I’m exhausted from all the running around!

Monday was prom night so our day began at the hair dresser.  Allison insisted on having a ‘half updo’ – I had no idea what that even was. I’m glad the hairdresser did.  When she was done and walked out of that place, my baby girl looked like a grown woman.  I almost cried on the way home from the hair shop.

Allison was so excited about getting all dressed up that she wanted to do it immediately.  Her and her friends were meeting at the park and wanted to get pictures done.  Allison decided to put on her dress and the shoes she purchased in Paris.  She walked out of her room and she looked like a Disney princess!  My heart dropped – she looked absolutely stunning. A little while later her boyfriend showed up in his ever so dapper tuxedo and they just looked like the perfect couple.  My insides were a mess of emotions.  I was so proud, excited, and a little bit sad.  I’m glad she has found this great guy, but sad because I might loose her to him.  What am I going to do when she no longer needs me?

Allison and her boyfriend – prom 2012

Don’t they look awesome together?  I can’t believe she’s all grown up.  I think I had a rougher time with Prom then I did with the graduation.

So – she went off with her friends and Amy and I were to meet up with her at the park.  Colton suffers from social anxiety so he decided to spend the day at his mother’s and not attend any of the weekly events.  I, too, get a little bit anxious in a crowd, but you kind of do just about anything for your children and fighting my anxiety was one of them.

The evening at the park wasn’t so bad – a nice wide open space so I was free to move around, take some amazing pictures and watch my beautiful princess create amazing memories for the rest of her life.

the Fab Four + 1
in the Park

After what is called “the Grand March” in our local arena, the parents and guardians were to meet their grad on the floor and have the first dance.  So, there were over 300 grads, plus dates, plus parents meeting on the floor – do the math – my anxiety level was through the roof.  I had to tell her dad that he would be going down to the floor for the dance and I was going to take some pictures.  He also hates crowds – so he quickly made his way to the floor, had his dance – looking ever so proud of his little girl – took some more pictures and off he went.  Lucky thing got to sneak out of there pretty darn quick!  My heart was racing, I was sweating and when Allison told me it was okay for me to leave, I was out of there.

The graduation went somewhat the same way two days later.  The only difference with this was when she walked out of her room with her cap and gown on, my heart literally dropped to the pit of my stomach.  It was here.  The day had arrived.  She was going to be graduating today and I had to make sure I kept it together.  She’d meet her friends down by the boardwalk – the weather wasn’t as nice as the Prom weather but it was good for pictures.

Graduation 2012 with 5 of her closest friends

It was an amazing time with the girls and I am so very proud of her and all her friends.  She began school with three of them so it was very touching to see all of them graduate at the same time.

I tried to get pictures of everyone – I even got a little something for each of the ‘Fab Four’ – and before we left the boardwalk I presented them with their little tokens of how proud I was of them all.  I got choked up handing them their gifts and had to quickly regain my composure.

I present Allison with a scrapbook that I have been making since 2006!  Yes, you read that correctly – took me six years to complete the friggin thing.  I was going to give it to her for her 16th birthday but that time came around way too quickly.  My next milestone was graduation and I finished it just in time.  I wanted her friends to look at it with her because they were in it as well.  I loved watching them look through it with her – and a couple of times I had to walk away so I wouldn’t cry.

the Scrapbook of Life

They enjoyed that and after so many years of putting it together, I actually got to watch her grow up twice.

Off they went to get more pictures at their friends’ house so Amy and I hung out together, had some supper and off to the arena to watch my baby girl receive her high school diploma.

I thought for sure I was going to loose it.  There were SO many people there!  I saw my very first love sitting in the stands with his wife – they were watching their little girl graduate as well.  This was the same boy who took me to MY high school prom – in the same arena.  It was so incredibly weird to see him there.  He looked so old.  Nothing like he did when we were in school – his hair was all white, he gained some weight and he wore glasses.  He spotted me down on the floor sitting next to Amy, her dad and my sister.  Brought back many great memories.

Allison was called to the stage for her scholarships and awards.  These were completely unexpected – except for the entrance scholarship to school, but she received four more, much to our surprise.  I felt so incredibly proud.  Then it was time for the diplomas.  I found my spot up close so I could get the best picture.  I did.  I crouched down on my knee, but because of my arthritis it hurt like crazy, but I got the best picture and it was worth all the pain!

Allison receiving her Diploma

One thought on “Prom/Graduation 2012 – emotional week

  1. Congrats on the kids graduation, I myself just graduated and I’m as excited as could be. Hope your daughter is too.


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