The Peaceful Rain

Now, this is what I’m talking about – all I hear is the sound of the rain outside my bedroom window.  Colton quietly in his room, Amy sleeping, and Allison is out to a movie with her bff.  John is gone doing what he likes – working on a car with “the boys”.  And me, I’m sitting in my bed, one dog by my side and the other dog under the bed – settled in for the night. I’m listening to the rain fall from the roof and hitting whatever it is on the ground.  I can faintly hear the traffic traveling up the main road.  There is something peaceful and serene about the night.  It’s 10:45pm.

Tomorrow is going to be such a difficult, sad day here in Sydney, NS.  We’ll be saying goodbye to that 17 yr old boy who lost his life the other night in a tragic accident.  His 15 yr old friend was laid to rest this evening.  I suspect there will be a great number of teenagers there, including two of my own.  Colton doesn’t want to go because he “hates those kind of things” – I tried to tell him that no one likes those kinds of things, but sometimes you just have to go.  I’m pretty certain the reason he doesn’t want to go is because he’s not one for showing his feelings – he prefers to keep his feelings to himself.  I really wish he wouldn’t.

Then there’s Amy.  She is just like her mother so I’m expecting her to fall apart as well.  She knows and understands that expressing your feelings is a healthy thing.  She will go to support her friend and hopefully in return find the comfort she needs to get through this. My guess is she’ll see a few people there she knows and will instantly feel some sort of peace. The same kind I’m feeling as I sit here listening to the rain fall.



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